Anika Bowman picture
Anika Bowman
Megna Mishra picture
Megna Mishra
Vice President
Chandler Barr picture
Chandler Barr
Tess Nosky picture
Tess Nosky
Dominique Girodo picture
Dominique Girodo
Member Educator
Alexandria Krusniak picture
Alexandria Krusniak
Personnel Chair
Maddie Kleszcz picture
Maddie Kleszcz
Recruitment Chair
Bayne Froney picture
Bayne Froney
Panhellenic Delegate
Gabbie Dionisio picture
Gabbie Dionisio
Director of Marketing
Avery Cartwright picture
Avery Cartwright
Director of Programming
Jordan Dick picture
Jordan Dick
Director of Friendship/Social
Alyson Donnelly picture
Alyson Donnelly
Director of Sisterhood
Kendra Rooney picture
Kendra Rooney
Director of Campus Activities
Kalina Casas picture
Kalina Casas
Director of Career Development
Caitlin Donnelly picture
Caitlin Donnelly
Foundation Ambassador
Aziah Whitfield picture
Aziah Whitfield
Natori Cruz picture
Natori Cruz
Facility Manager
Ashley Russell picture
Ashley Russell
RIF Chair
Emma Montague picture
Emma Montague
Recruitment Team Member
Jeri Soncrant picture
Jeri Soncrant
Personnel Advisor
Karen Skinner picture
Karen Skinner
Personnel Advisor
Alisa Flickinger picture
Alisa Flickinger
Scholarship Advisor
Kathy Belcher picture
Kathy Belcher
New Member Advisor
Judy Williams picture
Judy Williams
Forms and Records Advisor
Cardinal Cabinet Advisor
Judy Williams picture
Judy Williams
Financial Advisor
Brenda Lyle picture
Brenda Lyle
Recruitment Advisor
Chelsea Harden picture
Chelsea Harden
Recruitment Advisor
Karen Skinner picture
Karen Skinner
Ritual Advisor
Laura Blakesley picture
Laura Blakesley
Panhellenic Advisor
Caroline Carpenter picture
Caroline Carpenter
Marketing Advisor